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What is the process for leaving Australia?

Fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents can leave Australia without seeking a travel exemption. Here are the steps involved:

Check Smartraveller advice

Every country or territory decides who can enter or leave through its borders. For specific information about the evidence you will need to enter a foreign country, including COVID-19 vaccinations and tests, check with the nearest embassy or consulate of the destination you are planning to visit. For more information see Smartraveller.

Get your International COVID-19 vaccination certificates (ICVC)

The QR code in your ICVC includes all the information that Australian and overseas authorities need to assess your vaccination status. We recommend that you carry a printout of the PDF version in case you need it.

If you were vaccinated overseas and want to get an ICVC, the Services Australia website has information about how you can add overseas vaccinations to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) when you are in Australia. Once your vaccination/s have been recorded in the AIR you can request your ICVC.

Plan your return journey to Australia

While all fully vaccinated Australians will be able to leave Australia without an exemption, arrangements for returning to Australia will depend on the state or territory to which you are travelling.

Visit the relevant state or territory government website for information about the current quarantine and entry testing requirements that apply in that jurisdiction.

If you need to transit through a state or territory on your way to your destination state or territory, you may also need to take into account domestic travel restrictions.

It is your responsibility to understand and comply with travel restrictions and requirements that will apply to you.

From 18 April 2022, travellers entering or leaving Australia will no longer require a negative pre-departure test and cruise vessels can enter Australian territory.

At the airport

Present your ICVC to airline staff when you check-in for your flight. They will scan your certificate to view your vaccination history and make sure you meet the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ before you can travel.

If you are not fully vaccinated (or under 12 years old, or have a medical exemption) and do not have an exemption to depart Australia, you will not be able to board your flight.

If you were vaccinated overseas and do not have an ICVC, you will need to present a foreign vaccination certificate that shows you are fully vaccinated.

What about temporary visa holders who want to depart Australia?

Temporary visa holders can continue to leave Australia without needing an exemption, whether they are fully vaccinated or not, and do not have to show a vaccination certificate on departure. 

Do I need to have a COVID-19 test before departing Australia?

You do not need a negative COVID-19 test to leave Australia from 18 April 2022. But the country you are travelling to may have testing requirements. For country-specific travel advice see Smartraveller and check with the nearest embassy or consulate of the destination you’re planning to visit for latest advice on requirements for entry.