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Behind the News

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BTN explores a range of Civics and Citizenship topics linked to the Australian Curriculum. Using creative role plays and graphics, we’ve tackled the tricky subjects of Double Dissolution, Passing a Bill, Crossbenchers as well as a tour of Parliament House. Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Discovering democracy units

Contains the complete text of A Guide to Government and Law in Australia by Dr John Hirst, an exploration of the history, structure and operations of Australian democracy. Written largely for teachers and older students.

Education Services Australia Limited

KidsView – Parliament in focus

Explore Parliament through fun and educational games and interactives. Learn about representation, law-making and democracy. Includes teachers' notes for teachers and parents. KidsView is designed for upper primary students.

Parliament of Australia

Learning – Museum of Australian Democracy

Provides schools and groups with the opportunity to experience the rich social and political history of the House through special tours and education programs.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House


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Provides teachers and students with information about the structure and history of every parliament in Australia, as well as overviews of the major political parties.

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Parliamentary Education Office

Provides parliamentary education services to schools, teachers and students. Includes access to factsheets and assignment assistance for kids.

Parliamentary Education Office

To our last shilling: the Australian Parliament and World War I

Explores this period in Australian history from the perspective of the Australian Parliament. The decisions made by the Parliament and the Australian Government affected the lives of everyday Australians.

Parliamentary Education Office

Your questions on notice

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Need help with a question about the Australian Parliament? Search the answers to already asked questions or, if you can't find the information you are looking for, ask your own question.

Parliamentary Education Office