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Line drawings of two vials aof COVID-19 vaccine with a plus sign and a third vial of COVID-19 vaccine. and text that reads 'COVID-19 vaccine booster doses'

Book your COVID-19 booster

Free boosters are available to anyone 18 years and older who received their second dose at least 4 months ago. You can check when you received your second dose by looking at the date on your vaccination certificate.

A booster dose will make sure the protection from the primary course is even stronger and longer lasting. 

Book your COVID-19 booster now at your local GP, pharmacist, healthcare practitioner or via the Vaccines Clinic Finder.

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Getting tested for COVID-19

Testing is vital in continuing to manage COVID-19, and early detection helps prevent transmission in the community. 

Even if you have received both doses of your vaccination visit your nearest testing centre if you have any symptoms.

Symptoms may include fever, shortness of breath, coughing and sore throat

Testing for COVID-19
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Mental Health Resources

It’s especially important to take care of your mental health and wellbeing during coronavirus. 

Find useful information and resources on the Head to Health website

For personal crisis and mental health support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 44 or Beyond Blue on 1800 512 358 at any time. 

You can also check emergency support and assistance.

Go to Head to Health

Book your COVID-19 vaccination

Everyone over the age of 12 is eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination. Visit the Vaccine Clinic Finder or your State or Territory site below to book.