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Rail transport

Australian Rail Track Corporation

The Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd (ARTC) was created after the Australian and State governments agreed in 1997 to the formation of a 'one stop' shop for all operators seeking access to the National interstate rail network. ARTC currently has responsibility for the management of 4430 route kilometres of standard gauge interstate track, mainly in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia.

Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd

Infrastructure Investment

Provides information on national network construction, national network maintenance, the Roads to Recovery and Black Spot programs and the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program.

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Rail safety

The Australilan Transport Safety Bureau conducts rail safety investigations on the Defined Interstate Rail Network. The investigation role is linked to the ATSB's objective of safe transport, focuses on national outcomes, and is independent of industry and Governments' regulatory role.

Australian Transport Safety Bureau

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