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Maps and mapping

Find downloadable maps of Australia as well as maps available for purchase. Includes links to state and territory online maps and geographic information.

Australian Atlas of Mineral Resources, Mines & Processing Centres

Delivers authoritative minerals and mining information and provides a virtual showcase of the industry for global audiences. It allows users to examine and evaluate digital spatial data related to the minerals industry against an array of infrastructure, demographic, resource and environmental dimensions.

Geoscience Australia

Australian Hydrographic Service

Responsible for the publication and distribution of nautical charts and other information required for the safety of ships navigating in Australian waters.

Department of Defence

Guide – Cartographic links

Offers a guide and index to useful internet sites for Australian and New Zealand maps and mapping.

National Library of Australia

Map of Australia [single page]

A4 size map of Australia in colour showing capital cities, state borders, elevation etc.

Geoscience Australia


Enables both personal and professional users to download and print maps of their chosen area, in a standard web browser without the need for additional software. You can also turn on and off specific feature layers.

Geoscience Australia

Maps of Australia

These maps can be downloaded free of charge to use in reports, projects and as a reference source, provided an acknowledgement accompanies the image.

Geoscience Australia

Online mapping services

Provides links to state and territory online maps and geographic information.

Theme and reference maps

Reference maps of Australia include wall maps, folio and report maps and general reference maps. Thematic maps include external territories, tourist maps, maritime zones and more.

Geoscience Australia

Topographic mapping

Topographic maps are used for a wide variety of applications, from recreational uses, such as holiday planning, to urban planning, surveying, mining and emergency management.

Geoscience Australia

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