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Family law

Child Support

Child Support, part of the Department of Human Services (DHS), is helping separated parents provide the necessary support for their children's wellbeing.

Department of Human Services

Commonwealth Courts Portal

The Commonwealth Courts Portal is an initiative of the Family Court of Australia, Federal Court of Australia and Federal Magistrates Court of Australia. It provides web-based services for clients to access information about cases before the courts.

Family Court of Australia


The Australian Attorney-General's Department provides policy advice on the family law system to the Australian Government. This site provides general information about the family law system including the following: children; marriage; family violence; dispute resolution, superannuation splitting laws and international family law.

Attorney-General's Department

Family Court of Australia (FCA)

The Family Court of Australia has jurisdiction over all matrimonial causes and associated responsibilities.

Family Court of Australia

Family Law Council

The Family Law Council advises and makes recommendations to the Attorney-General about: the workings of the Family Law Act and other legislation relating to family law; the working of legal aid in relation to family law; and any other matters relating to family law.

Attorney-General's Department

Family Law Courts

This Family Court of Australia site provides topic based information about family law and a court tour. Includes information on family law principles; separation and divorce; children's matters; property and money matters; getting help; family violence; about going to court; and appeals.

Family Court of Australia

Family law kit - Australian Federal Police

If you are involved in family law matters, the Family law kit may assist you. The kit contains information relating to family law matters for residents of each State and Territory in Australia and how to prevent a child from being removed from the Commonwealth of Australia.

Australian Federal Police

Family Relationships

Family Relationships online provides all families (whether together or separated) with information and advice about family relationship issues.
Tabs: Family Relationship Centres – a source of information and confidential assistance. | Family Relationship Advice Line1800 050 321 – national telephone service assisting families affected by relationship or separation issues.

Department of Social Services

Key internet links on family law

This guide contains links to Internet resources and documents in the area of federal family law, as well as providing links to other guides and directories which contain material on State and Territory and overseas law.

Parliament of Australia

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