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Law and justice

Acts and Legislation – ComLaw

Provides the full text of Commonwealth Acts, Bills and Legislative Instruments (Regulations) and Gazettes in electronic form.

Attorney-General's Department

Access to Justice

Provides all Australians with seamless access to information about legal assistance and related services in their local area such as Legal Aid, Community Legal Centres, Family Relationship Centres, and Dispute Resolution Services.

Attorney-General's Department

Administrative Review Council (ARC)

The role of the Administrative Review Council (ARC) is to ensure that our system of administrative review is as effective and significant in its protection of the citizen as it can be.

Attorney-General's Department

Attorney-General's Department (AG)

The Attorney-General's Department serves the people of Australia by providing essential expert support to the Government in the maintenance and improvement of Australia's system of law and justice.

Attorney-General's Department

Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC)

The Australian Law Reform Commission conducts inquiries into, and reviews of, specific areas of the law and legal practice referred to it by the federal Attorney-General. In conducting an inquiry, the Commission undertakes comprehensive research, engages in wide-spread consultation, and canvasses policy reform options.

Australian Law Reform Commission

Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse

The Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse is a collaborative partnership between the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) and the Attorney General's Department of NSW (AGD) and is endorsed by the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General.

Australian Institute of Criminology

Key internet links on law

This guide contains links to Internet resources and documents in the area of federal law, as well as providing links to other guides and directories which contain material on State and Territory and overseas law.

Parliament of Australia

Legal Aid

Legal aid commissions help people with their legal problems, especially people who are socially or economically disadvantaged. Provides links to state and territory legal aid information.

Legal assistance programmes

Provides information on legal assistance programmes funded by the Department.

Attorney-General's Department

Legal system

Provides an overview of the Australian legal system. It is based on a fundamental belief in the rule of law, justice and the independence of the judiciary.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

The National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund promotes quality evidence-based practice in drug law enforcement to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of licit and illicit drug use in Australian society.

Department of Health

Statutory declarations

A statutory declaration is a written statement declared to be true in the presence of an authorised witness. A person wishing to make a statutory declaration in connection with a law of the Commonwealth or the Australian Capital Territory may use the form available from this page.

Attorney-General's Department

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