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Mass media and broadcasting

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's function is to provide radio and television services within Australia and overseas and to promote Australia's musical, dramatic and other performing arts. Established on 1 July 1983 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983, the Corporation had previously operated as the Australian Broadcasting Commission since 1 July 1932.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC mobile

iPad, iPhone, Android and other apps - Discover all the apps the ABC has to offer. They load fast and present a much richer experience than the average mobile site, with audio and video content for you to consume while on the move.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australia Network

Australia Network is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's television service to the Asia Pacific region, presenting information, knowledge and entertainment and providing an Australian perspective on the Asia Pacific.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australian Newspapers Online (1803 - 1954)

National Library of Australia's Index of Historic Australian Newspapers, 1803-1954 are available online and can be searched by an article name, title of a newspaper and by date.

National Library of Australia


Provides links to information on broadcasting services in Australia.

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF)

The Community Broadcasting Foundation is an independent non-profit funding agency that solicits and distributes funds for the maintenance and development of community broadcasting in Australia.

Community Broadcasting Foundation

Get Ready for Digital

Are you ready for digital TV? Between 2010 and 2013 analog free-to-air TV signals are being switched off and replaced with digital-only signals. Find out how will this affect you, what you can do and what benefits you can get from digital television.

Department of Communications


Provides information on Australian Government radio regulations, services and programs.

Department of Communications

SBS (Special Broadcasting Service)

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) is the voice and vision of multicultural Australia. The principal function of SBS is to provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians, and, in doing so, reflect Australia's multicultural society.

Special Broadcasting Service Corporation


Provides information on Australian Government television regulations, services and programs.

Department of Communications

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