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Customs clearance

Find information about customs clearance for migrants including concessions, prohibited goods and bringing pets and possessions to Australia.

Arriving in Australia – Declare it!

You must declare for inspection all food, plant material and animal products on arrival in Australia to ensure they are free of pests and diseases.

Department of Agriculture

Arriving travellers

Provides information for arriving travellers on documents required for customs clearance, information for sea travellers and items you must declare on arrival (including cash/currency).

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Bringing cats and dogs (and other pets) to Australia

Information in relation to importing cats and dogs and other pets into Australia from approved countries.

Department of Agriculture

Duty free concession

Lists the duty-free concessions available to travellers entering or returning to Australia.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Importing a motor vehicle

Provides information on privately importing a motor vehicle into Australia.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Importing motor vehicles

Provides further information on quarantine clearance for motor vehicles, motorcycles, machinery and tyres including documentation and standard of cleanliness required.

Department of Agriculture

Moving to Australia or importing personal effects/household goods

Information on packing, prohibited goods and on clearing your unaccompanied personal effects and household goods when coming to Australia.

Department of Agriculture

Quick guide to customs for travellers

Provides links to general customs information relating to money and cash, medications, natural products, foodstuffs, animals and animal products, motor vehicles, yachts and weapons.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service


Provides quick links to specific customs Information for travellers, including customs concessions for first-time migrants or returning Australian residents.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

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