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Drug and alcohol use

Alcohol guidelines: reducing the health risks

Most Australians drink alcohol, generally for enjoyment, relaxation and sociability. However, a substantial proportion  drink at levels that increase their risk of alcohol-related harm. These guidelines will help you make an informed choice.

National Health and Medical Research Council

Provides information on alcohol-related health issues, news, resources and publications, state and territory contacts and Australian Government policy.

Department of Health

Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN)

Provides access to quality reviewed alcohol and drug information on alcohol, other drugs and mental health, with links to treatment services, research, statistics, guidelines, journals, policy, campaigns, events, and more.

Australian Drug Foundation


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – Designed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drug use and encourage and support decisions not to use. Features GPS functionality to help find support services based on location.

Department of Health

National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund

Promotes quality evidence-based practice in drug law enforcement to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of licit and illicit drug use in Australian society.

Department of Health

National Drug Strategy

A cooperative venture between Australian, state and territory governments and the non-government sector, it is aimed at preventing the uptake of harmful drug use and reducing the harmful effects of licit and illicit drugs in our society.

Department of Health

National Drugs Campaign

Up-to-date information for parents and young Australians to help prevent illicit drug use. The site contains information for families, communities, service providers and the media.

Department of Health

On Track with the Right Mix

iPhone, iPod, iPad touch and Android – Keeps track of the number and types of drinks you consume; the amount of money it's costing you and lets you know about the impact the alcohol has on your well-being and fitness levels.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

The Right Mix

Helpful information on health and alcohol issues relevant to the veteran community.

Department of Veterans' Affairs

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