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Services for government

Australian Government Actuary

Australian Government Actuary are the actuarial consultants working within Government for Government. The staff are professionally trained in the analysis and management of risk, especially long-term financial risk.


Australian Government Solicitor (AGS)

Australian Government Solicitor is an independent, fully commercial and competitive law firm, acting for government departments and agencies.

Australian Government Solicitor

Australian Statistics Advisory Council (ASAC)

The role of the Australian Statistics Advisory Council is to provide guidance to the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer and the Australian Statistician on the directions and priorities of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) work program.

Australian Statistics Advisory Council

Australian Valuation Office (AVO)

The Australian Valuation Office (AVO) is the Australian Government's primary source of advice and information on valuations of real property, intellectual property and non-current assets.

Australian Valuation Office

Board of Taxation

Advises the Australian Government on the development and implementation of taxation legislation and the ongoing operation of the tax system.

Board of Taxation


As the workers' compensation insurer for the Australian Government, provides safety, rehabilitation and compensation services to Australian Government employees (and employees of the ACT Government).



The Australian Government's general insurance fund. Provides insurance and risk management services to Australian Government departments and agencies.

Department of Finance

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC)

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) provides superannuation services and products to Australian Government employees and employers through nine Schemes covering the public sector and the defence forces.

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation


Administers the major superannuation schemes available to the majority of Australian Government employees and Australian Defence Force members, under authority from the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation.


Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CMAC)

The Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee provides advice to the Australian Government on issues that arise from time to time in corporations and financial markets law and practice.

Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee


GovDex is a resource developed by government agencies to facilitate business process collaboration across policy portfolios (eg. Taxation, Human Services etc.) and administrative jurisdictions i.e. federal, state or local government levels.

Department of Finance

National Archives of Australia

Promotes good government recordkeeping and encourages community awareness and use of valuable Australian Government records in its care.

National Archives of Australia

National Statistical Service

The National Statistical Service is a coalition of agencies that will deliver to Australia an improved range of statistical information for policy, research and decision making.

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC)

The principal functions of the Office of Parliamentary Counsel (OPC) are drafting Bills for introduction into either House of the Parliament and drafting amendments of Bills. Their web site is of interest to anyone seeking information about Commonwealth Acts and Bills as well as to other legislative drafters.

Office of Parliamentary Counsel


OnSecure provides public access to resources and information for Internet users seeking advice about information security. OnSecure also has a private area, which is for government access only.

Department of Defence

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