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Caring for children

Raising Children Network

The Australian parenting website: comprehensive, practical, expert child health and parenting information and activities covering children aged 0-8 years. Provides essential information and practical tools on child health, safety, nutrition, learning, parental wellbeing, family management and children's activities.

Raising Children Network (Australia) Limited

Child Support

Child Support, part of the Department of Human Services (DHS), is helping separated parents provide the necessary support for their children's wellbeing.

Department of Human Services


Links to information on health issues that affect children, from babies and toddlers to young people. Healthdirect provides links to some of Australia's most authoritative health organisations and their websites.

healthdirect Australia

Community services directory

This directory from the Child Support Agency provides information on organisations in the community which provide services to assist parents on a wide range of family related issues.

Child Support

Family separation: a guide for teens

This guide aims to give teenagers some tips and help to understand and cope with family separation and change.

Department of Human Services

Kids world – a kid's guide to changing families

Uses a computer game to reassure children who are experiencing, or have gone through separation that it's not their fault, they're not alone and what they're thinking or feeling is okay. The game helps children find ways to cope and lets them know where they can go for help.

Department of Human Services

Moving schools

Provides information for parents to assist in supporting the needs of school age children when moving schools.

Raising Children Network (Australia) Limited

My Child's eHealth Record

iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android – Parents or representatives who have registered their child under the age of 14 for an eHealth record can view a range of information, such as growth charts and reminders about health checks and immunisations.

Department of Health

Protect your children

Parents need to make sure they take a few extra measures to ensure their children are protected when online. Links to further information and a number of websites targeted at children of different ages that guide children through a range of Internet safety issues.

Department of Communications

Separated parents

Provides information and links to child support, support services for families and other resources to help families going through separation.

Department of Human Services

The Line

What exactly is the line? And what happens when you cross it? Some things are never acceptable, like violence, rape and abuse. But in other areas, the line can be blurry. Where do you draw the line? Here, you'll find a heap of stuff that will help you decide.

Department of Social Services

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