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Environmental protection

Biosecurity Australia home

Biosecurity Australia provides science-based quarantine assessments and policy advice that protect Australia's favourable pest and disease status and enhance Australia's access to international animal and plant related markets.

Department of Agriculture

Biosecurity legislation

A new biosecurity legislation has been developed on behalf of the Australian Government. The Biosecurity Bill 2012 and Inspector-General of Biosecurity Bill replaces the century-old Quarantine Act 1908. This legislation is designed to enable us to better manage the risks of animal and plant pests and diseases entering, establishing, spreading in Australia and potentially causing harm to people, the environment and the economy.

Department of Agriculture

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC)

Is the Australian Government’s central piece of environmental legislation. It provides a legal framework to protect and manage nationally and internationally important flora, fauna, ecological communities and heritage places.

Department of the Environment

Green kids guide to threatened species - 9 ways you can help

No one will ever again see a Paradise Parrot flash its rainbow colours across the sky or see the Tasmanian tiger slink through the wet Tasmanian forest. They are gone forever - they are now extinct. One of the most important ways to help threatened plants and animals survive is to protect their habitats permanently in national parks, nature reserves or wilderness areas.

Department of the Environment

Hazardous Waste Act permits

If you want to export or import hazardous waste, or move it in or out of Australia (transit) you must apply for a permit to do so.

Department of the Environment

Quarantine and Biosecurity Review

A comprehensive, independent review of Australia's quarantine and biosecurity systems is being undertaken by an independent panel of experts. The panel will consult widely, and people or organisations with an interest in these matters are encouraged to have their say.

Department of Agriculture

Sea dumping permits

Australia regulates the loading and dumping of waste at sea under the Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 (the Sea Dumping Act). The Sea Dumping Act also fulfils Australia's international obligations under the London Protocol to prevent marine pollution by controlling dumping of wastes and other matter. Permits are required for all sea dumping operations including dumping off vessels, platforms or other man-made structures and for burials at sea.

Department of the Environment

Species Profile and Threats database

The species profile and threats database is designed to provide information about species and ecological communities listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Department of the Environment

Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement

Describes the agreement designed to support the forest industry to progressively transition to a more sustainable and diversified footing and to build regional economic diversity and community resilience.

Department of the Environment

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