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Environment and natural resources

Australian Antarctic Division

Leads Australia's Antarctic program. It conducts antarctic research, protects the Antarctic environment and maintains the Antarctic Treaty System.

Australian Antarctic Division

Defence Environmental Management

As one of Australia's largest land and property owners, the Department of Defence is entrusted with managing large tracts of land, water, cultural, and heritage sites on behalf of the Australia community. Defence is adopting ecologically sustainable development principles, and is striving to make them an everyday part of its business.

Department of Defence

Department of the Environment

The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has changed its name to the Department of the Environment. The Department implements Australian Government policies on the environment, heritage, water and climate action.

Department of the Environment

Environment - publications and resources

Overview page of environment publications and resources which are available for download or ordering.

Department of the Environment

Environmental information products and services directory

Provides a central point of access for environmental information products and services that have relevance to Australian Government and its stakeholders.

Bureau of Meteorology

Environmental Resources Information Network

Provides databases relating to the conservation and management of our environment covering themes ranging from endangered species to drought and pollution.

Department of the Environment

State of the environment (SoE) reporting

National SoE reports provide information about environmental and heritage conditions, trends and pressures for the Australian continent, surrounding seas and Australia's external territories.

Department of the Environment

State of the Environment 2011 (SoE) report

Discover the state of the Australian environment – the SoE 2011 is a valuable resource for teachers, students, librarians, policy makers, environmental managers, consultants and the general public. The SoE is supported by a mix of summaries and detailed information as well as discussions of the drivers of environmental change, resilience, risks and what the future might look like.

Department of the Environment

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