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Working conditions

Fair Work Ombudsman

Provides information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations.
More: Pay | Leave | Employee entitlements | Awards and agreements | Small business | Ending employment

Fair Work Ombudsman

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal

Determines pay and pay related allowances for the regular and reserve members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal

Fair Work Infoline

If you have a question or problem relating to your workplace, call the Fair Work Infoline on 13 13 94.  Before calling, check out the Before you call checklist (63.6KB). If you don't have this information when you call, you may be asked to find it out and call back.

Fair Work Ombudsman

Know your rights at work

The Commission can investigate and try to resolve complaints of discrimination and breaches of human rights in work, education, services and other areas based on a person’s sex, disability, race, age and other attributes.

Australian Human Rights Commission

National Employment Standards

What are the National Employment Standards and who do they apply to? Find out more about these 10 minimum entitlements.

Fair Work Ombudsman

Remuneration Tribunal

Determines the pay of key Commonwealth offices including judges and related offices; senators and members of Parliament (MPs); chief executive officers (CEOs) such as the heads of departments; and other full-time and part-time public offices.

Remuneration Tribunal

Visa holders and migrants – know your workplace rights

Find out what visa holders and migrants need to know before they start working in Australia.

Fair Work Ombudsman

Wages, conditions and entitlements

Provides a range of information on employee entitlements, including wages and conditions, awards and agreements, employee leave and holiday entitlements.

Department of Industry and Science

Your rights and obligations – Immigration facts for workers

Provides an information booklet to assist workers from overseas to know their rights and help reduce the incidence of exploitation.
Booklets are available in several languages.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

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