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Career information

Australian Career Development Studies

Offers a professional development package for career advisers, community workers, or parents who want to gain some skills to help their teenage children make decisions about their futures.

Department of Education and Training

Career information

Links to a number of websites providing career information, giving an overview of what each site can offer.

Department of Employment

Defence Jobs

Find out more about life in the Australian Defence Force or about Army, Navy and Air Force careers.

Department of Defence

Health Heroes

Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary students about the range of health jobs, training options, career pathways and support available.

Department of Health

Job Guide

Looks at a range of occupations and their education and training pathways. Gives useful information on working out what occupations suit you best, based on your interests and abilities.

Department of Education and Training

Job Outlook

Outlines careers and labour market information to help you decide on your future career. Provides information on trends and prospects for occupations, linking to vacancies on JobSearch and education and training courses on the myfuture website.

Department of Employment

Myfuture: Australia's career information service

An interactive, online career exploration service for 16 to 24 year old students wishing to explore their career options. Helps you see job possibilities, identify your own interests and skill areas, and set career goals and plans to achieve them.

Education Services Australia Limited

The Real Game

A careers and life skills programme for students. Through role-play students see how their school work, social life, work and community experience contribute to their future career plans.

Education Services Australia Limited

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