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Resources for schools

National Pollutant Inventory – for students

Provides free information about substance emissions in Australia. Check out the substance fact sheets to discover the many different sources of pollution.

Department of the Environment

Parliament and Civics Education Rebate

Provides a subsidy for schools travelling more than 150 kilometres to visit Canberra as part of a civics and citizenship education excursion. The excursion should be attended by students in Year 4 to Year 12.

Department of Education and Training

Racism. No Way.

Aims to tackle racism in schools in Australia, through providing teachers, school students, parents and governors with games, research and lesson ideas that explore the causes and effects of racism for practical use in the classroom.

Department of Education and Training


Inside Reef Ed, you'll find a wonderful collection of resources about the amazing animals, plants, habitats and features of the Great Barrier Reef. Whether you are looking for information for a project or just want to learn more about the Reef, Reef Ed is the perfect place to explore the wonders of Australia's most precious reef ecosystem, the Great Barrier Reef.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Resources for students and teachers

Investigate the National Archives' collection through education resources designed to connect with life in the classroom.

National Archives of Australia

Schools – Cybersmart

Cybersmart provides information for teachers on cyber issues such as cyberbullying, sexting and social networking. Includes multimedia resources and lesson plans.

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Science Image

An image library specialising in science and nature.

CSIRO, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Shell Questacon Science Circus

A partnership between Questacon and the Australian National University, science graduates bring lively presentations of science to towns and schools across regional Australia while they study for a Master of Science Communication Outreach.

Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre

State of the Environment 2011 (SoE) report

Discover the state of the Australian environment – the SoE 2011 is a valuable resource for teachers, students, librarians, policy makers, environmental managers, consultants and the general public. The SoE is supported by a mix of summaries and detailed information as well as discussions of the drivers of environmental change, resilience, risks and what the future might look like.

Department of the Environment

Students & teachers

Subject-specific experiments and activities from the Bureau of Meteorology, designed for students and teachers. Resources include brochures, weather kits, health & physical education, mathematics, science, SOSE (geography), and the arts.

Bureau of Meteorology

Sustainability education

Helps develops skills, knowledge and values that promote behaviour in support of a sustainable environment. It is not confined to formal schooling. It also occurs in a wide range of non-formal education settings at work and at home.

Department of the Environment

Tax, Super + You. Take control

Educational resource for use by individuals, students and teachers to help improve understanding of the Australian tax and superannuation systems.

Australian Taxation Office

The Ian Potter Foundation Technology Learning Centre

Provides a selection of programs to secondary school students to help them develop an understanding of manufacturing processes, by using tools and creativity to show them how things are made and can solve everyday problems from simple devices to higher end technology.

Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre

The Real Game

A careers and life skills programme for students. Through role-play students see how their school work, social life, work and community experience contribute to their future career plans.

Education Services Australia Limited


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