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Higher education


Allows potential students to search and compare Australian universities and higher education courses by provider, approximate course fees and entry cut-offs.

Department of Education and Training

Australian Qualifications Framework

Provides information on the unified system of national qualifications in schools, vocational education and training (TAFEs and private providers) and the higher education sector (mainly universities).

Department of Education and Training

Higher education teaching

The higher education sector is made up of universities and other higher education institutions. The Australian Government supports the sector through policies, funding and programmes.

Department of Education and Training

Indigenous higher education units

Indigenous Higher Education Units are located in universities around Australia. These Units provide support to Indigenous students, further Indigenous academic studies, create a network of Indigenous students and academics and provide an Indigenous presence on university campuses.

Department of Industry and Science

Myfuture: Australia's career information service

An interactive, online career exploration service for 16 to 24 year old students wishing to explore their career options. Helps you see job possibilities, identify your own interests and skill areas, and set career goals and plans to achieve them.

Education Services Australia Limited

Study Assist

Information for students about Australian Government assistance for financing tertiary study. Includes links to study options, subsidised fees and government loans (HELP), loan repayments, scholarships and additional student income support options.

Department of Education and Training

Study in Australia

Provides an introduction to the benefits of studying in Australia. You can search for courses, find out about study costs, and about living in Australia. You can also identify courses which meet Australia's registration, accreditation and quality assurance standards in your own country.

Australian Trade Commission

Study Overseas

Studying overseas as part of your university or vocational course brings a range of benefits that you will enjoy long after you complete your studies. International study enriches your academic or training experience through exposure to different teaching styles and environments, a diversity of students and new places to live and travel.

Department of Education and Training

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

TEQSA regulates and assures the quality of Australia’s large, diverse and complex higher education sector.

Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

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