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Importing goods to Australia

For travellers and private individuals

Provides information on buying and importing goods from overseas, and for travellers arriving in and departing from Australia.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Frequently asked questions (about bringing goods into Australia)

Provides answers to frequently asked questions about bringing goods into Australia. Includes a list of some items commonly brought into Australia by travellers with their import conditions.

Department of Agriculture

Import and export of therapeutic products

Provides information on importing or exporting medicines or medical devices into or out of Australia.

Therapeutic Goods Administration

Importing a motor vehicle

Provides information on privately importing a motor vehicle into Australia.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Importing goods by post

Provides information for Australian consumers importing goods by post. Includes methods of paying customs duty on imported goods and frequently asked questions relating to importing goods by post.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Importing to Australia

Information on inspection of cargo as well as import controls for biological products; chemical fertilisers; food; live animals and reproductive material; personal effects; plants, grains and horticulture; timber; and vehicles and machinery.
Tabs: ICON – import conditions database

Department of Agriculture

International mail to Australia

Provides information on mailing items to Australia and links to information on items that should not be mailed to Australia.

Department of Agriculture

Moving to Australia or importing personal effects/household goods

Information on packing and prohibited goods and on clearing your unaccompanied personal effects and household goods when coming to Australia.

Department of Agriculture

Prohibited and restricted imports

Provides information which broadly outlines what goods are prohibited or restricted, where you can obtain more information about the control and, in the case of restricted goods, the mailing address or e-mail address to use to apply for permission to import.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

When buying over the internet

Information for Australian consumers buying goods over the Internet. Includes information on duties and taxes payable on imported goods.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

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