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Multicultural Australia

A Multicultural Australia

Provides information about multiculturalism in Australia.

Department of Social Services

Calendar of cultural and religious dates

Lists details and dates of important cultural and religious events, festivals and national days.

Department of Social Services

Destination: Australia

Stories of Australia’s post-war migrants. Contribute your stories, and identify people and places on the site.

National Archives of Australia

Face the Facts – rightsED

Provides accurate and easy to understand information about Indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

Australian Human Rights Commission

Harmony Day

Celebrates Australia's cultural diversity and coincides with the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It's a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home.

Department of Social Services

Living Safe Together

A place to share ideas and experiences, and celebrate the work already being done to build resilient communities that take action against violent extremism.

Attorney-General's Department

Making multicultural Australia

Aims to assist young people of upper primary school and high school age, parents, teachers and the wider community explore Australian cultural diversity.

Board of Studies NSW

Migration and citizenship records

The NAA holds records about people who arrived from overseas during the 20th century and some who arrived during the 19th century. They also hold records about Australians who left and returned to Australia.

National Archives of Australia

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