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Australasian Antarctic Expedition and Mawson's Huts Historic Site

Provides a history of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition 1911–1914 and information on the Mawson's Huts Historic Site in Antarctica.

Australian Antarctic Division

Australia's heritage

Heritage is all the things that make up Australia's identity – our spirit and ingenuity, our historic buildings, and our unique, living landscapes.
More: Australia's World Heritage | Heritage places and lists | Historic shipwrecks database

Department of the Environment

Australian Heritage Council

Provides advice to the Australian Government on heritage matters. The Council assesses nominations for heritage lists and compiles the Register of the National Estate.

Department of the Environment

Australian Heritage Database

Provides information about more than 20,000 natural, historic and Indigenous places on the heritage lists.

Department of the Environment

Indigenous Australians caring for country

The Australian Government has a long history of working with Indigenous people, particularly in natural resource management and heritage related activities.

Department of the Environment


iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – Search for information about heritage sites, wetlands, national parks and protected plants and animals in your suburb or surrounds.

Department of the Environment

Records about Indigenous Australians

Australian Government records held by the National Archives include a lot of information relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their histories.

National Archives of Australia

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

Manages Sydney Harbour heritage sites which contain historic remains dating back to the earliest days of European settlement, and evidence of Australia’s Aboriginal heritage.

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

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