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Civics and citizenship

Australian citizenship – Becoming an Australian citizen

Provides information about applying, who is eligible, learning about citizenship and celebrating Australian citizenship.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Australian Constitution

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act. Includes a link to Australia’s Constitution pocket edition : with overview and notes by the Australian Government Solicitor (92KB PDF).

Parliament of Australia

Citizenship test

Offers information about the Citizenship Test. Includes link to the Australian citizenship test resource book.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Civics and Citizenship Education

The Civics and Citizenship Education website provides teaching and learning resources relating to all aspects of the democratic process in Australia. It includes knowledge and understanding of our democratic heritage, political and legal structures and the shared values underpinning our pluralistic and multicultural society, such as freedom, tolerance, respect, responsibility and inclusion.

Education Services Australia Limited

Common Good

This site brings together a wide range of resources for learning about civics and citizenship. There are materials for schools, for formal post secondary study and for anyone interested in the field. Material is drawn from ABC TV and Radio, as well as a number of online productions created in collaboration with other organisations.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Defining democracy

Explores the concept of democracy in the Australian context.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

Guide to government and law in Australia

Contains the complete text of A Guide to Government and Law in Australia by Dr John Hirst. The book is an exploration of the history, structure and operations of Australian democracy with a concise description of the operations of the Australian system of government and law.

Education Services Australia Limited

Teaching resources on Australian citizenship

Contains interactive puzzles and activities to engage students and assist them to learn about Australian citizenship. There are also teaching resources for upper primary and lower secondary schools.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

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