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If you import goods into Australia, you need to be aware of customs and duty, import permits, quarantine permits and treatment that apply to imported goods. This page links to information on customs requirements, prohibited & restricted goods, quarantine requirements and further assistance for importers.

Department of Industry

Importing to Australia

Information on inspection of cargo as well as import controls for biological products; chemical fertilisers; food; live animals and reproductive material; personal effects; plants, grains and horticulture; timber; and vehicles and machinery.

Department of Agriculture

Importing vehicles into Australia

Vehicle importing and certification requirements for those wanting to import vehicles into Australia.

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Prohibited and restricted imports

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service page with information which broadly outlines what goods are prohibited or restricted, where you can obtain more information about the control and, in the case of restricted goods, the mailing address or e-mail address to use to apply for permission to import.

Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

The Brumby Anti-Dumping Review

On 4 July 2012 a Review to examine the current arrangements for assessing and investigating anti-dumping matters and consider the feasibility of a Commonwealth Anti-Dumping Agency. The Review has now concluded and the Final Report was released publicly by the Minister on 27 November 2012.

Attorney-General's Department

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