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Age pensions and allowances

Age pension

Provides an income support payment that helps give seniors an adequate standard of living in retirement.

Department of Human Services

Mobility allowance

Provides help to people who have a disability, illness or injury participate in approved activities. The allowance helps with the transport costs for those who cannot use public transport, permanently or for an extended period, without assistance.

Department of Human Services

Pension bonus scheme

Provides a lump sum incentive for people who were qualified for the Age Pension before 20 September 2009 and remain in the workforce and defer claiming the Age Pension.

Department of Human Services

Pension loans scheme

Helps use your tied up capital to provide income up to the maximum Age Pension payment.

Department of Human Services

Pharmaceutical allowance

Provides help with the cost of prescription medicines.

Department of Human Services

Telephone allowance

Helps with the costs of maintaining a telephone and a home internet service.

Department of Human Services

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