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State services

Find the top popular state and territory government services such as vehicle registration, driver licence application or renewal, senior's card application and business name registration.


Emergency links – states and territories

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Provides emergency phone numbers and links to state and territory emergency and disaster information. Includes links to their rural fire service and State Emergency Service (SES) as well as police, fire, ambulance and alert services.

Health and wellbeing – states and territories

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States and territories have primary responsibility for public hospitals and community and public health, ambulance, public dental services and mental health programs. Provides links to state and territory health information.

Official tourist sites

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Planning an Australian holiday? Explore these official tourist sites for things to do, places to see, accommodation, upcoming events and much more.

Police checks (criminal history records checks)

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A police check may be required for people seeking employment in Australia or overseas, visa applications and other purposes. Provides links to national and state and territory police records check services.

States, Territories and Local Government

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Entry points, government directories, listings of departments and agencies and parliamentary contacts on state and territory websites

13 HEALTH [Qld]

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If it's not an emergency but it could be serious... Call 1343 2584 for qualified health advice for all Queenslanders.You can phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Queensland Health

Access City Hotline [ACT]

Have you ever had difficulty getting into or around buildings, using doors or stairways, negotiating footpaths, roadways, kerbed areas, reading or understanding signs or directions in the ACT? Phone Access City Hotline on 02 6257 3077.

Citizens Advice Bureau [ACT]

Australian Business Licence and Information Service

Find out which government licences and registrations apply to your business. ABLIS helps you find the government licences, permits, approvals, registrations, codes of practice, standards and guidelines you need to know about to meet your compliance responsibilities.

Department of Industry and Science

Better health channel (Vic)

Site for health and wellbeing information and services sponsored by the State Government of Victoria with related links.

Department of Health [Vic]

Births, deaths and marriages registries

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Register a birth, apply for a certificate, change your name or search your family history. Provides links to the state and territory births, deaths and marriages registries.

Building approval [ACT]

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Building approval is required for most developments in the Australian Capital Territory to ensure building complies with building laws. Includes links to exemptions information and building approval information pack.

Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate

Business – states and territories

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Provides links to state and territory information about services and information for businesses.

Buying, selling or renting property

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Buying, selling or renting property? Provides links to state and territory housing and property information.

Consumer authorities

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State and territory consumer authorities administer the Australian Consumer Law within their jurisdictions. Provides links to the state and territory consumer authorities.

Driver's licence application

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Planning to drive for the first time? Provides links to state and territory information on getting your driver's licence.

Driver's licence renewal

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Do you need to renew your driver's licence? Provides links to state and territory licence renewal information.

Driving with an overseas licence

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Laws and driving regulations differ from state to state for overseas drivers. Provides links to state information for driving with an overseas licence while visiting Australia.

Fix my street [ACT]

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Fix My Street is an online reporting facility that provides direct contact to Australian Capital Territory Government agencies for the reporting of municipal service requests. Residents can submit service requests by choosing from a menu of topics, such as abandoned vehicles, cycle paths, garbage bins, graffiti etc.

ACT Government

Forms and licences [NT]

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Access a range of licences, permits and application forms administered by Northern Territory Government agencies.

Department of Business [NT]

Free Plant Issue Scheme [ACT]

If you have purchased a brand new residential block of land in the Australian Capital Territory, you are entitled to an allocation of plants from the Yarralumla Nursery. The ACT Government provides these plants to help you beautify your new home and your suburb.

Territory and Municipal Services Directorate [ACT]

Gaming (gambling) authorities

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States and territories have responsibility for gaming (gambling). Provides links to state and territory gaming information.

Government concessions – states and territories

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Provides links to state and territory government concessions providing assistance to a range of individuals.

Government tenders – states and territories

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Provides information about state and territory government procurement opportunities for businesses.

Jobs and workplace – states and territories

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Provides links to a variety of state and territory employment and workplace information.

Justices of the Peace

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The role of the JP is to act as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. Provides links to state and territory JP services.