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Lodge ...

ASIC - Lodge company documents online

You can use the ASIC online lodgement service to check and change company details, review annual statements, invoices and other documents, lodge forms and receive email alerts.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

CRS Australia

Delivers vocational rehabilitation services to Australian citizens or residents who have an injury, disability or health condition and assists people to get a job or return to their job. This service is free to people receiving income support payments from Centrelink. You can refer someone, register a job vacancy or, to find out more about CRS Australia services phone 1800 277 277.

CRS Australia


Download the Tax Office's free and secure software to prepare and lodge your tax return online. Most refunds are issued within 12 business days.

Australian Taxation Office

Enrol to vote

You can complete the enrol online form to enrol or to get back on the electoral roll. By completing the one form, you will be enrolled to vote in Commonwealth, state/territory and local government elections.

Australian Electoral Commission

Government tenders – states and territories

Provides information about state and territory government procurement opportunities for businesses.

Leaving Australia and lodging your tax return

If you are a foreign resident leaving Australia permanently or an Australian resident leaving before the end of the financial year, you may be eligible to lodge your tax return early.

Australian Taxation Office


A new streamlined tax return, available on tablets, smart phones and computers, for people with straightforward tax affairs. To lodge your tax return you will need to get a myGov account and link to the ATO.

Australian Taxation Office

Passports – Child alert request

A Child Alert Request is a warning to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that there may be circumstances which prevent the issue of an Australian passport or other travel documents to a particular child.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Super information for temporary residents departing Australia

If you work while visiting Australia on a temporary resident visa, your employer may be required to pay superannuation (super) on your behalf to a super fund. Explains what you can do with your super after you leave Australia.

Australian Taxation Office

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