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Seniors card

Seniors Card (NSW)

Provides a free discount card giving members access to NSW Government transport concessions, travel and business discounts. Apply for a card, request a replacement card, cancel your card or change your details.

Department of Family and Community Services [NSW]

Seniors Card (NT)

Provides a number of discounts including government transport and registration, and participating business discounts on a range of goods and services. Apply for a card, request a replacement card, change your details or cancel your card.

Department of health [NT]

Seniors Card (Qld)

With a Seniors Card +go, you can have all the benefits of a Seniors Card plus the ability to hold credit for travel on the South East Queensland Translink network, including buses, trains and ferries - all with the one convenient card. Your Seniors Card +go can be registered and used like any other go card.

Queensland Government

Seniors Card (SA)

Offers information on how to apply for a seniors card, concessions and benefits, seniors metrocard and frequently asked questions.

Government of South Australia

Seniors Card (Tas)

Provides business and Government savings to seniors. Approximately 700 businesses and services support the Seniors Card Program, offering a diverse range of savings on products and services to Senior Card holders throughout Tasmania.

Department of Premier and Cabinet [Tas]

Seniors Card (Vic)

Allows cardholders to obtain a wide range of discounted goods and services, including travel, accommodation, hospitality, entertainment and leisure. Apply for a card, request a replacement card or change your details.

Department of Health [Vic]

Seniors Card (WA)

To apply for the Seniors Card you need to complete a Western Australian Seniors Card Application form. Download the form, or pick one up from the WA Seniors Card Centre, major banks, local government offices and Members of Parliament electorate offices. Includes information about changing your details, finding discounts and replacing a lost or stolen Seniors Card.

Department for Communities [WA]

Seniors Card application (ACT)

Provides cardholders with discounts at over 300 businesses in the ACT and is accepted by a number of businesses interstate. The card is available to persons 60 years or over who are permanent residents of the ACT and who are not in paid employment for more than 20 hours per week.

Community Services Directorate [ACT]

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