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Federal electorate and local member search

Service Description

The Federal Electorate search lets you find:

  • which federal electorate you live in
  • who your local House of Representatives Member is
  • a profile and map of your electorate

From the results of this search you can click on your electorate name to find out the name of your local member and their party.

A profile and map of the electorate is also available via a link. Included in the profile is a link to the current Member's contact details on the Parliament of Australia website.

Who can use this service?

Anyone can use this service. All you need to do is identify either your locality or postcode in the drop down menu and then click on the Search button. Searches are not case sensitive.

In some cases a locality/suburb or postcode may be in more than one federal electorate. If this is the case, you can phone 132 326 to confirm which federal electorate you live in.

How do I access this service?

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