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Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Services Directory

Service Description

Do you need to know about which community, residential aged care, disability and other support services are available in your area? The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Services directory contains an extensive list of service providers - including the range of services they offer and their contact details.

There are over 30,000 service providers and over 100,000 related services listed in the directory.

How Do I Use the Directory

If you know the service you are looking for, use quick find for information about which services are available in your community and the organisations that provide the services. After you have entered the service that you're looking for, select the state/territory and type in the suburb/town and postcode.

If you are searching for a specific professional or organisation, use a service provider quick find search. Enter your state/territory, suburb/town and postcode information and the organisation or professional's name.

If you don't find details for the suburb/town that you've entered, try a neighbouring suburb/town. Alternatively, enter only the state/territory and postcode and re-run the search.

Use an advanced search for more complex searching. Enter as much information as you can in relation to the location, service type and the name of the service provider. The more information that you enter the more accurate the results will be.

Choose the Click to access button below to commence a quick find search.

What if I need more information?

For further assistance, please Freecall 1800 052 222 to speak with your nearest Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre. (Calls from mobile phones are charged at applicable rates).

How do I access this service?

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