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Managing information

AGLS metadata standard

The AGLS Metadata Standard provides a set of metadata properties and associated usage guidelines to improve the visibility, manageability and interoperability of online information and services. It is published as Australian Standard AS 5044-2010.

National Archives of Australia

Archiving Web Resources: Guidelines for Keeping Records of Web-based Activity in the Commonwealth Government (PDF 160KB)

Provides Australian Government agencies with guidelines for keeping records of web-based activity. These guidelines help agencies with strategies for creating, capturing, managing and retaining records of web-based activity.

National Archives of Australia

AusGOAL - Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework

AusGOAL provides support to government and other sectors to enable open access to publicly funded information.

Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework


Fedlink provides a secure and trusted communications solution between Government agencies

Department of Finance

Freedom of information

The FOI Act is the legislative basis for open government in Australia and covers Australian Government ministers and most agencies. This section is about the FOI Act as it applies across the Australian Government.

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

General records authorities

General records authorities (GRAs) set out requirements for keeping, destroying or transferring records of business common to many agencies. The National Archives prepares and issues these authorities.This page has links to the current set of General records authorities.

National Archives of Australia

Intellectual property - copyright

Attorney-General's Department's index page providing general information on copyright in Australia. Also provides information on key legislation and other related websites.

Attorney-General's Department

Licensing and use of Commonwealth material

Members of the public or organisations who want to use Australian Government copyright material need permission from the agency that published it. Each agency is now responsible for managing copyright for material it produces. Commonwealth Copyright Administration (CCA) within the Attorney-General's Department has been disbanded.

Attorney-General's Department

National Archives of Australia (NAA)

The National Archives promotes good government recordkeeping and encourages community awareness and use of valuable Australian Government records in its care.

National Archives of Australia

Note for file: a report on recordkeeping in the Australian Public Service

This report provides information about recordkeeping policies and practices that can be used in APS agencies to improve recordkeeping. This report is directed to a general APS audience, because all APS employees have some recordkeeping responsibilities.

National Library of Australia

Records management training

The National Archives of Australia offers records management training. Click on a course for cost and contact information. The Training Calendar link within the course description provides details of upcoming course dates and venue locations.

National Archives of Australia

Strategic information and records management

An information and records management framework sets out a long-term vision and strategy for managing your agency's information and records. It should be based on an understanding of the business requirements and risks and the requirements for records management in the Australian Government.

National Archives of Australia

Understanding intellectual property

Intellectual property (IP) is the property of your mind or proprietary knowledge and can be an invention, trade mark, a design or the practical application of your idea. Learn about IP and how it applies to you and your business.

IP Australia

Web Guide

The Web Guide brings together Australian Government guidance for website management, making it easier for Australian Government agencies to be aware of their legal and policy obligations; and to find policies, guidance and examples of better practice. Information includes links to mandatory requirements.

Department of Finance

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