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Public servants

Find information on the Australian Public Service (APS).

APS code of conduct

APS employees are required, under the Code of Conduct, to behave at all times in a way which upholds the APS Values. This page provides information about APS Code of Conduct.

Australian Public Service Commission

APS values

The APS Values provide the real basis and integrating element of the Service, its professionalism, its integrity and its impartial and responsive service to the government of the day. This document details these values.

Australian Public Service Commission


APSjobs incorporates the electronic APS Employment Gazette. It includes APS employment opportunities as well as employment opportunities within the Parliamentary Service. APSjobs is for people already working in the APS, wanting to join the APS, returning to the workforce, looking for a career change, graduating from university or TAFE, still studying and school leavers.

Australian Public Service Commission

Australian Public Service Commission

Aims to lead and shape a unified, high-performing Australian Public Service (APS).

Australian Public Service Commission

Building capability: a framework for managing learning and development in the APS

Provides a guide to a better practice model for managing learning and development processes across the APS and also source of audit criteria for future ANAO work.

Australian Public Service Commission

Empowering change: Fostering innovation in the Australian Public Service (PDF 837 KB)

This report looks at how to embed innovation in the Australian Public Service (APS). It looks at how agencies, teams, individuals and those external to the public service can play a role in fostering innovation and at what in the current framework needs to change so that the innovative potential of the APS can be realised.

Department of Industry and Science

Guidance on caretaker conventions (PDF 127KB)

During the caretaker period, the business of government continues. The 'caretaker conventions' ensure that the caretaker government's actions do not bind an incoming government and limit its freedom of action.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Guidelines and procedures

Provides advice to other Australian Government agencies on many aspects of public administration. This section highlights some of these guidelines and procedures.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

In Work and In Play: Building the Canberra Community

Celebrating the role the Australian Public Service (APS) has played in shaping Canberra over the past 100 years. The project explores four themes relating to life in the APS and Canberra: community, at home, workplace and defining moments.

National Capital Authority

Innovation showcase

Shares examples of innovation in the Australian public sector, whether it be innovation in government services or service delivery, processes, how we think about problems, policies or systems. It also includes examples of Government 2.0 approaches.

Department of Industry and Science

Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF)

Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) supersedes the Protective Security Manual (PSM). It provides the appropriate controls for the Australian Government to protect its people, information and assets, at home and overseas.

Attorney-General's Department

Public Sector Innovation Toolkit

Developed to assist individual public servants, public sector teams and agencies wanting to increase the extent and effectiveness of their innovation efforts. Use the toolkit to learn about the innovation process, assess the strengths of an idea, get tips on putting together a business case, and more.
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Department of Industry and Science

Public Sector Management (PSM) Program

A joint venture between federal, state and territory governments, the PSM Program is a coordinated strategy to deliver high quality public sector management training.

Australian Public Service Commission

Public Service Gazette

Published daily by the Australian Public Service Commission. The Gazette includes notices of examination, APS employment opportunities, APS staff movements, promotions and terminations of employment, as well as employment opportunities and staff movements in the Parliamentary Service.

Australian Public Service Commission

Revisions to the Commission's guidance on making public comment and participating online

Helps APS employees understand the issues to take into account when considering making public comment, including online, and helps inform agency policies in this regard.

Australian Public Service Commission

Service Delivery in Government

Provides access to current information and resources on service delivery. Keep up to date with issues and trends across all jurisdictions in Australia and with important international developments.

Department of Social Services

State of the Service series

Includes a report on the state of the Australian Public Service during the year.

Australian Public Service Commission

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