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Government media releases

Government Media Release Service

The Government Media Release Service collects media releases daily from Australian Government websites, including some speeches and interview transcripts.

This service allows subscribers to be notified of new Australian Government media releases either by email or via an RSS feed.

Items that appear in the media release service are the responsibility of the authoring agency.

You can view the latest media releases from the media release service or a list of agency media release sites by portfolio.

Email subscriptions

Receive a daily email notification of all new Australian Government media releases.

Or subscribe to individual portfolios' media releases

Your email address will only be used for the purpose for which you have provided it. At any stage, you may change or delete your subscription. Please see our privacy policy if you require further information.

No email address necessary. Media releases delivered directly to your RSS reader.

RSS feeds available for individual portfolios with a consolidated feed for all portfolios


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