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We’re redesigning

We’re making it easier to use

We're redesigning to make sure that the site continues to meet your needs and expectations.

We understand the importance of having a site that is user friendly, uses plain English and works well regardless of the device you use.

We'll be looking at how we can simplify the content and make the site more usable. We'll also be looking at how we can improve the search and browse features and provide better access to the growing amount of government social media and mobile resources.

We’re starting with a Beta site

A Beta site is like a “first draft” of a site. We'll build a Beta site and make it available online so you can try it out and tell us what you think.

During this time the current will continue to operate as usual so there is no interruption to normal services.

We'll use your feedback on the Beta site to refine the new design, and when it is ready it'll replace the existing website.

By building a Beta site first we can try things out before full implementation, which means if they're not quite right we'll find out and make them better. Expect the Beta site to change over time as we work these things out.

We’re using an evidence-based design approach

We'll make decisions about the design of based on evidence available to us about what users want. This might include web analytics, externally commissioned and in-house user research, user feedback on the Beta site and experience from other jurisdictions.

New ideas and feedback are encouraged, but this evidence-based approach will be used to prioritise ideas for further development and to decide what is ultimately included on the site.

We’re learning from others

We're taking the lessons learned from other domestic and foreign governments, such as the NZ and UK governments, who have recently undertaken similar activities.

We're also adopting parts of the method described in the UK Service Design Manual. For example, we're following their phases of service design and have adopted many of their design principles, including putting users first and iterating based on research.

We need your input

The Beta site will be launched later this year and we'll be seeking your feedback. The feedback we get will help us prioritise design fixes and new features. This will be a chance to tell us what you think and be part of the process to deliver you a more user friendly site.

In the meantime, you can send any comments or feedback to [email protected].

All feedback is submitted to our design team and dealt with in the following way:

  • Suggestions and ideas will be reviewed. Suggestions that are supported by evidence (e.g. common use or success in another jurisdiction) will be prioritised for further investigation.
  • Feedback on the project or the Beta website functions or features will be weighed against feedback from other sources and used to inform decision making.

Please note that we only monitor feedback during business hours. We'll endeavour to respond directly to your feedback but we may not be able to respond to every email or comment. Please be assured your views will be considered either way.

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