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AGLS metadata standard

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Provides a set of metadata properties and associated usage guidelines to improve the visibility, manageability and interoperability of online information and services. It is published as Australian Standard AS 5044-2010.

National Archives of Australia

Australian Government publishing information

Provides information on the Library Deposit Scheme, the Style manual, 6th edition and the Australian Style newsletter.

Department of Finance

Better practice checklists & guidance

Provides help to executives, business managers, web managers and others to quickly improve their understanding of a range of issues associated with the provision of services online.

Department of Finance

GovPubs: the Australian Government publications guide

GovPubs: the Australian Government Publications Guide is a guide to selected types of Australian government publications, such as Acts, Hansards, Gazettes and Parliamentary Papers, located in Australia's National, State and Territory libraries or available on the Internet. A historical description of each publication is provided, and holdings information will enable you to locate resources in each library or online.

National Library of Australia

Web Guide

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Brings together Australian Government guidance for website management, making it easier for agencies to be aware of their legal and policy obligations; and to find policies, guidance and examples of better practice. Information includes links to mandatory requirements.

Department of Finance