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Jacket: poetry zine

John Tranter is one of Australia's best known poets. He brought to the Internet, Jacket , a website dedicated to Australian literary history, reviews, articles and interviews and everything to do with poetry. The website was easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, showing poetry on the Web could have the same style and attractiveness as the best book publishing.

The journal appeared quarterly and supplied a wealth of information and pleasure for those who enjoy poetry and for those who enjoy reading about the issues which engage Australian writers, artists and thinkers.

Extensive content relating to the Ern Malley affair appears in Jacket 1, including some of Malley's poems, Ern Malley's 'employer', photos of Max Harris, as well as the cover graphic of the Ern Malley issue of Angry Penguins.

The same issue boasts a moving interview with Aboriginal poet, Lionel Fogarty, who talks about growing up Aboriginal in Cherbourg, Queensland. Three of Fogarty's poems are also published.

Jacket 2 focuses on poet John Ashbery with a selection of poetry, interviews, photos and essays on the man and his work.

Jacket 3 is dedicated to Australian poet John Forbes. Tribute poems from John Kinsella, Tracy Ryan and John Tranter feature.

Jacket 15 features A Tribute to Kenneth Koch, some Words to Comfort which is a selection of poems and photographs from the benefit readings to support the World Trade Center Relief Fund and some poetry, reviews and articles among other things.

Jacket 22 looks at Bruce Andrews, Robin Blaser, David Bromige and Ric Caddel.

Between 1997 and 2010 (issues 1–40) Jacket was published by John Tranter but after issue 40 the magazine and the entire archive of thousands of web pages moved intact to servers at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Starting with the first issue in 2011, Jacket had a new home, extra staff and a vigorous future as Jacket2 . Jacket and its continuation, Jacket2, will be hosted by the Kelly Writers House and PennSound at the University of Pennsylvania. The connection with PennSound, a vast and growing archive of audio recordings of poetry performance, discussion and criticism, is seen as a valuable additional facet of the new magazine, as is the relationship with Kelly Writers House, a lively venue for day-to-day poetic interchange of all kinds. The synergy in this three-way relationship has great potential.

Poetry, articles and reviews make Jacket a rich, intelligent and accessible journal worth regular and repeat visits.

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Last updated: 11 August 2011