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Bark petition (transcript) tabled in the House of Representatives, 8 October 1968

Warning. Australian Stories may contain the names and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people now deceased. Australian Stories also contain links to sites that may use images of Aboriginal and Islander people now deceased.

Honourable the Speakerwala ga Members of the House of Representativesgala, nhumalangu yol mala marrtjina wnaganymanapanmina Parliamentgala.

Nanapurra dhuwala nunhi nunhi nhina yukurra Arnhemland, ga yolnu electors of the Northern Territory. Nanapurra dhuwala yukurra nan'thun nhumalanha bili nanapurra djalthurra wagnanharawu nhumalangu marr nhuma marngithirri nanapurrungu mathawa.

  1. Benuru nathilinunuru, nunhi nayi dhuwala wana gurrupan yurra Gove' yaku Administratoryu Councilyu, dhuwala wana yolnuyu lakaranha nuli bitjana bili Nhulunbuy.
  2. Dhuwala yaku Nhulunbuy' gurrupara nathilinuyu yolnuyu yakuyu Wuyalyu. Wuyal dhuwala nanapurrungu rom-milkunharamirri, ga nanapurru yukurra nan'thun nhumalanha nhuma yurru yaka gulkthun Wuyalwunu nherranara yaku.
  3. Dharrwana bilyuna yukurra yolnuwu dhiyalami wananura dhiyanunydja bala, bili miningdhuna yukurra djama dhiyalami wananura.
  4. Nanapurru nan'thun House of Representativesgala marr yurru wala wana nunhi yolnu'yulnu yol nhinana nathili dhiyala wananura, walala yurru wana yakuwa wanawa.

Dhiyakuyi nanapurru yukurra nan'thun nhumalanha, nhuma yurru wana marr yurru wananydja dhuwala lakarama Nhulunbuy'.

Ga nanapurru nunhi nanapurru yukurra nan'thun nhumalanha yurru bitjan bili guyanirri nhumalanha, bili dhuwalanydja dhunupa rom nilimurrungu.

To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives in Parliament Assembled.

The humble petition of the undersigned Aboriginal residents of Arnhemland and Aboriginal electors of the Northern Territory respectfully showeth.

  1. That from time immemorial the area the Administrator's Council proposes to be called Gove has been known to the Aborigines as Nhulunbuy.
  2. That this name Nhulunbuy was given to the area by Wuyal, our dream-time ancestor, who has given us our laws. We do not want the name he gave to this area to be changed.
  3. That the life and livelihood of Aborigines in the area has been affected by the development of mining in the area.
  4. That at least the House of Representatives might direct that heed be given the views of the original inhabitants of the area in the matter of a name.

Your petitioners therefore respectfully request your Honourable House to give direction that the name of the town by Nhulunbuy. This name could be spelt Nulunbuy if this is more acceptable.

As your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.

Last updated: 7th January 2008

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